Types of Training

Training for ALL Goalies

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Crease Coach 101

           Crease Coach 101 was created with the sole purpose of fundamental focus and building a strong base in beginner to intermediate goalies. These clinics will focus on specific areas that are critical to solidify the foundation of a goalies game . While these clinics will focus on areas like proper stance, positioning in the cage, basic stepping, and clearing, they are open to all goalies regardless of his or her skill and experience. 

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Crease Coach High School

       Crease Coach High School Training is centered around improving the efficiency of goalie’s fundamentals with  increased repetition from high level shooters. The idea behind Crease Coach High School is to allow our goalies to see a variety of shots and game-like scenarios. Whether you are an incoming Freshman or in your Senior year these clinics will prepare you for a faster game at the high school varsity level of competition. 

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Crease Coach Premier 

       Crease Coach Premier is the peak level of training offered by Crease Coach. These events are invite only and can range from single clinics to overnight camps. The idea of Crease Coach Premier is to create a highly competitive environment with the best goalies from each region to challenge themselves and each other. Our list of “premier” goalie participants are included in our college prospect database for our reference of referral when college coaches reach out to us in their effort to recruit.