2022 Crabs vs. Team 91 MD

It is important to note that these observations are based solely on this game. I looked for trends throughout the game by each goalie. This was my first opportunity to watch these goalies play. A few of the things I focus on when breaking down goalie film:

1. Footwork - I’m looking for balance, efficiency, and driving off the back foot, not pulling with the front foot.

2. Hips – Keeping a good center of gravity and good hip integrity. Goalies tend to sacrifice those things to get their head to the ball, or overstep on shots. This leads to reaching, and slow footwork.

3. Overall efficiency - I look for fluid and efficient movements, not necessarily technical movements.

Player Analysis:

Anthony Wilson – Crabs #13

Strengths: The biggest thing that stood out to me about Anthony’s game was his ability to stay patient on both outside shots and inside shots. He made a few big-time saves throughout the first half that were a result of being patient and reacting to the ball. Anthony is a long, rangy goalie who moves extremely well in the cage.

Key area to improve: Wilson needs to develop a more fluid throwing motion on his outlet passes. A more fluid motion that comes more from snapping his wrists will allow him to better control pace and accuracy on his outlet passes. This will become extremely important as he progresses to the next level.

Cardin Stoller – Team 91 #13

Strengths: Cardin has a tall, athletic build – and he does a great job of using that to his advantage. His wide base allowed him to eat up a couple shots down the alley, cause shooters to miss the cage, and make some impressive inside saves.

Key area to improve: Stoller plays with his butt far back in his stance. This forces him to reset his hips prior to any movement that isn’t forward. As a result he tends to throw his hips forward on high shots, and overstep and become off balance on low shots.

Tommy Lubin – Crabs #1

Strengths: Lubin has impressive quickness and does an excellent job of blending that into his game without becoming out of control on shots. When he was able to get set, Lubin was a good ball stopper who also has the ability to spark transition with his outlet passes. He made some great decisions, and was able to put the ball into a few small windows.

Key area to improve: If Lubin can become more efficient with his footwork, he will be extremely difficult to beat. Working on a shorter step with his front foot and generating more power from his back leg will really allow him to utilize his athleticism. Overstepping with the front foot makes it near impossible to generate power from the back leg.

Max Watkinson – Team 91 #25

Strengths: Max plays a low arc that allows him to move easily and efficiently. The low arc allows him to cover a lot of ground and get his body behind inside shots. He made some big time saves in the second half to keep his team in the game. Max also made some impressive outlet passes at key moments in the second half.

Key area to improve: To take his game to the next level Max needs to improve his balance. He finishes a lot of low shots on his butt. This can be caused by poor weight distribution in his stance, or overstepping with his front foot.

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